Keith Grogan is an Irish born singer/songwriter from Dublin.

Keith started playing music at the age of 16, and began to write his
own material almost straight away. He's played in a number of well received bands since the age of 18, but found his voice as a solo artist in more recent years. With wide and varied influences, Keith's style of play, voice and attention to lyric, has seen him draw comparisons with the likes of Jim Croch, James Taylor, and Neil Finn. His songs, like his influences, vary greatly. Sometimes chillingly honest ballads, sometimes uptempo, soulful pop. However Keith's emotional and honest delivery always remains a constant.

As-well as his own solo project, Keith has enjoyed some collaborative work with artists like The Lame Project (Bulgaria), Enda Reilly (Ireland) and most recently, as a member of Goatboy, a collective of great international talent, including Mark O'Sullivan (Ireland), Simeon Kirkegaard (Norway), Alan Marshal (Scotland), And Halvor Mjoen (Norway).

Keith is currently working on his debut solo album,set to be released in 2013.